Rhea's Home Care
& Case Management

Home Care Services

Personal Care: Caregivers will tend to the client's personal needs ("ADLs") such as bathing, toileting requirements, care of the teeth, hair, finger and toenails. The caregiver will keep bedding, clothing and the immediate surrounding area clean and changed as required.

Medications: The caregiver will establish and maintain "medi-sets", all of the client's medications arranged in proper containers. Dispense medications per doctor's orders on a daily basis if required. The caregiver will notify the doctor if a medication needs replenishment, will order from the pharmacy and pick up filled prescriptions if necessary.

Longitudinal Care: Caregivers provide services that may extend over time such as pre-surgical and post-surgical care and post rehabilitation programs. Meal preparation is provided for as long as desired or required, especially for diabetics (last year we served over six thound meals).

We work with and for doctors in treating chronic troubles, especially chronic pain management and persistent open wounds.

Doctor's Orders: The caregiver will provide special therapeutic services within legal boundaries  as specified by the doctor for such things as massages, exercises, lotions applications and so forth.

The caregiver monitors, records and reports to the case manager blood pressure, pulse and oximeter readings and, for diabetic patients, blood sugar levels and diet, giving prescribed medication if indicated.

County H&HS: Our staff are certified IHSS (Medi-Cal) workers for the County of Marin and we work closely with Health and Human Services', West Marin office, social workers, psychiatrists and counsellors.

Collaborate with other services: We work closely with other agencies and services when those are part of the client's care such as Health and Human Services' County Nurse, nurses and volunteers providing Hospice care and staff from West Marin Senior Services. We obtain equipment and materials from agencies that will lend or subsidize them for little or no cost.