Rhea's Home Care
& Case Management


The standard rate is eighteen dollars per hour ($18/hr) or four dollars fifty cents per unit ($4.50/unit). A unit is fifteen minutes or less of visiting time. Several visits per day may be scheduled, each visit counting as at least one unit. Rhea's Home Care is qualified for and accepts the rates of a variety private and long term care insurances. RHC is qualified for and accepts payment by In Home Supportive Services (IHSS).

Round-the-clock (24/7) care can be provided and rates can be negotiated.

Billing and Payment

The client is responsible for payment in all cases except IHSS. The timesheet and bill will be presented to the client for payment and forwarding to the insurance company if applicable. IHSS sends a timesheet to the provider who fills it out and presents to the client for verification and signature. The provider submits the timesheet to IHSS which pays her/him directly.

Financial Assistance

Clients enrolled in Medi-Cal are qualified for IHSS. Those not already on Medi-Cal may be qualified. RHC can assist in the application process. If other forms of assistnce are available, RHC will aid in qualifying.