Rhea's Home Care
& Case Management

Rhea McIsaac

Rhea McIsaac is the most widely known and respected case manager and caregiver in West Marin. For years, working under the auspices of West Marin Senior Services and on her own behalf she provided services to the disabled and senior population in Walnut Place and throughout the central area of West Marin.

Rhea is not only known to many clients, potential clients and many caregivers but she knows them in return. In particular she knows the providers who will give the best possible service.

The McIsaac family and their ranch in Tocaloma is woven into the fabric and history of West Marin.

Rhea's Homecare

Rhea's Homecare and Case Management is the largest privately owned care service organization in West Marin, serving clients from Stinson Beach to Tomales, from the San Geronimo Valley to Inverness. We provide in-home care for seniors and those with infirmities of any age. We provide many services outside of the home such as trips to doctors, hospitals and clinics, visits to rehabilitation facilities anywhere in the County, and so on. We implement doctors' programs and orders, inluding managing medications, and reports to the doctor on the patients' status.