Rhea's Home Care
& Case Management

Case Management Services

Personnel: The case manager seeks prospective care givers, interviews and vets candidates, checks records, verifies training, or refers candidates to approved training facilities, checks certifications and notes any special capabilities. The case manager will recommend care givers based on her/his compatibility with requirements and the client's and family's personal preferences.

Doctors: The case manager is the conduit between the doctor, the client and family and the care giver.

Doctor's Orders: The case manager is the interpreter of the doctors' orders, conveys them to the care giver and oversees their implementation. The case manager records and reports back to the doctor on the progress of the client.

The case manager is responsible for educating the client and caregiver so that they understand the doctor's orders and requirements.

County H&HS: The case manager satisfies requirements and reports as mandated by the County on Medi-Cal patients and to responsible parties for private patients.

Family: The case manager keeps family members informed of their member's health, doctor's evaluations and the client's desires. We pass along to the doctor's any special family requests and wishes. When required we mediate differences that may arise among family, client and doctors with the case manager acting as an advocate for the client, first and foremost.